Make an internal referral (multiple options) (100 - 300 points)


Internal introduction (100 points)

Instructions: Share with Board staff the name and contact information of someone inside of your organization in a different department that doesn't already use Board and could benefit from using the solution. This could be someone that has specifically shared with you that they struggle in their role with things that Board can address and are in search of a solution, or someone that may not even realize they need to make a change but are clearly working in an environment that could be improved with Board. Ask that person if they are comfortable with someone at Board reaching out to them and we'll coordinate the conversation.

Internal workshop to introduced Board to your colleagues (300 points)

Instructions: Facilitate an internal workshop to introduce the Board to colleagues in your organization in department(s) apart from yours that are not using the solution.

By running this workshop, you'll have an opportunity to:

  • Promote your skills and expertise internally
  • Present all the amazing work you've done so far
  • Drive collaboration between the business units

Share with us the contact details of the main contact of the department you presented to, so that we can follow-up.

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