Create a Board blog post with us (200 points)

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Collaborate with Board on the creation of a blog post about a subject that matters to you related to your Board project(s).

Share your visions, strategies and methodologies about a subject that matters to you and that is related to Board and the transformation of processes within your organization.

This can be:

  • Your company’s digitalization strategy and Board being one pillar
  • Transformation of certain processes within different departments
  • Innovative technological aspects of your data management and infrastructure and how Board fits into it
  • Experiences with Board Cloud, Board FC, BEAM, IBP, and so on
  • Change management and other aspects of successful project management of your Board/digitalization project
  • And so many other things that are of interest for your peers and other Board users

To start, let’s discuss your idea. During this call, we will decide together the details of the blogpost and how to get there. We are here to support with the writing of the blog post. We will co-work on the draft to make sure that your ideas and thoughts are provided. You will then be asked to review and approve the draft before it is shared on the Board website and social channels. You are encouraged to promote the blog post on your company's and your personal channels (e.g. LinkedIn).

This is a great idea to network with other peers, support the image of your organization as an innovative and modern company and you as an expert for the subject.

You will receive 200 points for completing this activity.

Reach out to to get started.