PARTNERS ONLY: Refer a Board customer to participate in advocacy (points vary)


Are you working with a Board customer that you think would be a great fit for advocacy? Invite them to apply to an activity today and you'll be rewarded bonus points once they complete the application form.

  • Step 1. Tell customers about the Advocacy Program. To apply and participate, they must be signed in as a Community Member. Remind them that registration is free and easy at If they sign up for the advocacy program, you can claim 200 points for yourself.
  • Step 2. Recommend Advocacy Activities to your customers based on fit. Some good examples are creating a written case study with us, speaking at a live event, or sharing a quote about their experience to be used in publicity. 
  • Step 3. Once the customer is ready to work with us on any of those activities, please reach out to and let us know. We will reward you with 50% of the points (example: customer receives 400 points -> you will receive 200)

Thank you for helping us to drive participation in the Advocacy Program!

Reach out to to get started.