Moving elements with the arrows on the keyboard

Laura Villar
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Hi! I think it would make screen design much easier if you could move the elements with the arrows on the keyboard, maybe to adjust the final pixels you need the side panel, but for the initial design it's much easier than with the mouse.

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  • Great Idea!

    Maybe in addition it would be helpful to have it 1px by just clicking the arrows and 10px by clicking ctrl+arrows

  • Hi !
    totally agree .Already opened the same item😉

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    Thank you for sharing your idea, @Laura Villar. We appreciate the time and effort you put into crafting your suggestion.

    Great news, you can now move the elements with the arrows on your keyboard and also position your elements as per shown in the screenshot below. This is available with the updated interface in B14 (now in Beta). Releasing in March 2024.