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I was wondering if there is a way to introduce dynamic filters for binary flags/indicator variable that only take values that are 0 or 1 and can be displayed as tickboxes on the dataview.

For users that wish to filter for materials in a drill down for example, it would be super helpful if they were able to select whether they would only like to view the rows with a 1 written into the flag column. The user could potentially hover over the column header and select between the two options (or keep both selected).

As this is user specific, we do not want to introduce a filter for everyone in the layout of the dataview.

Thank you!

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  • Samir Jones
    Samir Jones Active Partner
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    Hello @Yas Davoudzadeh,

    I'm not sure I understood this case, if the current filter function in the dataview isn't sufficient.

    Could you elaborate?

    Thank you

  • Yas Davoudzadeh
    Yas Davoudzadeh Employee
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    edited November 2023

    Hi Samir,

    For example a dynamic filter on the Core Size column (similar to excel) that would allow the user to select only the cells that have are ticked. In action this would look like the user selecting all that is ticked in the column (and the Size M row is selected/it is not filtered out).


  • Helmut Heimann

    I'm still not sure why you couldn't achieve the same by using the select functionality in the DataView

  • Samir Jones
    Samir Jones Active Partner
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    @Helmut Heimann, I think Yas is looking for a more dynamic functionality.
    The DataView selection also limits the possibility to do Data Entry. Not sure if Data Entry is in Yas' plans.

    @Yas Davoudzadeh
    I have a similar case.
    I solved it like this:
    - Entity "Size" in Rows
    - Cube "Core Size" in one of the Blocks
    - Make "Core Size" Hidden
    - Filter on "Core Size"
    - Flatten the DataView
    - Change the Column for "Size" to 0.

    This method is usable when you also want to do DataEntry, and/or if you want each User to make their own selection. But for the latter you would need to add the User Entity to the Cube "Core Size", and also use @User selection in "Database Security".

    Another solution, if you don't need DataEntry, is to have a parent Entity on" Size" (i.e. "Core Size").
    Set the parent "Core Size" as a DataView layout selection.
    Have another DataView with entities "Size" and "Core Size" in different blocks, where DataEntry is enabled on CoreSize. From this DataView, you can control which Size is the Core Size.

    Of course, this would not be necessary if it would be possible to use "Dynamic selection on Cube" in a DataView. Maybe one of the news in Board 14? :-)

  • Yas Davoudzadeh

    Thank you both!

    @Helmut Heimann - Yes this would work in my example, but with a more varied case with more check boxes the user would ideally use the system to filter out their selection.

    @Samir Jones - Thank you for the detailed explanation, this works perfectly in terms of filtering out only the core size, however I am not sure how the user would then filter this back in since the settings are in the layout.

    I have added a new photo which might explain my suggestion further. With a filter for a column, similar to the highlighted section, the user would be able to select all sizes, or only those that are ticked and considered a core size or even specifically those sizes which are not included in the core size. This would be the dynamic element, as the user is given the ability to filter out their data (if they so wish).



  • Mirela Simion

    Hi Yas, I totally support your idea. Recently I had the same request to filter based on the flagged values or show all, which would be easier to have a feature built in - hide/unhide values based on a specific flagged cube -
    As a workaround I created a button which filters out the values selected or shows all values.
    The button is based on a procedure which writes values in a cube that is added as a filter in the layout.

    Hope this helps you