Problem Mass-Modifying Users on IDP (Subscription Hub) with a csv file

Hello community,

We faced an unexpected problem lately that paralyzed operations for one day.

When modifying the security of our application, we had to mass-modify the User roles on the User management screen (Sub Hub IDP). The quickest way to do this is loading a CSV file.

At first, we exported the then current User file and loaded it into Excel for modification. As we generally work in French, during the import, Excel automatically translated all Boolean variables "TRUE" and "FALSE" to "VRAI" and "FAUX". At first, we did not realized these changes. We modified the Role column and saved the file again. As we exported and reloaded all users, every single user account was involved in this problem.

We imported our file with those wrong "VRAI" and "FAUX" Boolean values. BOARD accepted to load those, but couldn't read them as Boolean values afterwards.

Result: BOARD cleared some very important Boolean variables, in particular the "Authentication type" and "IsAdmin". I assumed that all Booleans were cleared, but only some caused major problems.

After the import, the lack of "IsAdmin" generated a situation where there was no Admin User. The lack of "Authentication type" prevented all Users to connect to Board. Our hands were tied and we had to open a ticket to Board support. They rerolled the script to create the First Admin User and we found our way out. It also required to clear cache and cookies from the web browser. With the ADMIN account we gave access back to the others.

First tip: Always remove your admin users from the file before reloading it. Make those modifications manually, if possible.

Second tip: Use Excel in English and carefully double check your files looking for this kind of auto-translation.

I'm adding an idea for Board either to reject Booleans in other languages or to accept and read them. Please vote for it if you consider this post helped you.

Best regards,

Lucas Charello