Multiple subtotal lines in a granular data view

We're a homebuilding company and have a granular data view of our Gross Margin Analysis. It lists all of our addresses by community with their respective prices/costs/etc. Currently, we're only able to display one subtotal line for each community. However we would like to show multiple: Total, Average, etc. Has anyone found a workaround to this? We are using a separate "summary" data view to troubleshoot this drawback, but we want this data all in one place.


Address: 100 Maple Way $50k

Address: 101 Maple Way $40K

Total: 2 $90k (Currently showing)

Average: $45k (We want to display this subtotal line along with others)



  • Hi Bsanders,

    You are going about it correctly since the down totals summary in a dataview is set by block. One quick option to show more than one type of down total per block is to add another block with the same cube as the totals one but set the summary to Average. It will show as an additional column, but this way you don't have to use a separate data view