Calculate difference between two dates?

Hi there,

I am trying to calculate the difference between two dates as part of a dataflow, which has previously worked, but is no longer working after the 12.6 update.

This is a smaller subset of a larger calculation, but have narrowed down the issue to be related to the dates.

You can note below the cubes have different dimensions, but effectively meaning the FY end date is static for all records, as shown in the layout export below.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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  • Leone Scaburri
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    Hello @Justin Hester,

    would be relevant to know the structure of your target cube (f: Labour Calc - LSL) and how you configured extend options.


  • Hi Leone,

    Thanks for your questions - you've pointed me in the right direction!

    I had a dimension mismatch, after implementing a technical key to reduce dimensions.

    I fixed this through introducing a temporary cube (now using "Years of Service" rather than "Labour Calc - LSL" for this calc) to calculate the date movement using the original dimensions, and then using that calculated field in the full calculation which is working as expected now.

    I've included screen shots below.

    Thanks again,


  • Great! Thanks for sharing your feedback.