Show Currency/Unit of Measure next to values

Barbara Mayrleitner
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we are having since years requirements that we want to show the currency next to a value or the unit of measure next to a quantity.


Material xy —> purchasing order quantity 1.000 M (meters)

No consultant was able to show me a solution so far. But I know this working in other tools (e.g. QlikView).

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  • Samir Jones
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    Hello @Barbara Mayrleitner,

    In both Block Format (access from the Screen) and Format (access from Data Model), you can set a symbol before/after the value.

  • Helmut Heimann
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    Hi @Barbara Mayrleitner ,

    did you try to use the DataView's Block Format option?

    Please keep in mind that, if you use this function that decimal digits have to adjusted again.

    But, from a usabilty point of view I wouldn't recommend that because it does not deliver any additional value for the user—I'd rather use something like "all values in k EUR" above any DataView or chart.

    Kind regards