The new Board knowledge base is here!

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Following the Board 14 release, consisting of a brand-new user interface and improved user experience, we are proud to announce the new Board knowledge base!

The new Board knowledge base replaces the Board Manual from version 14 and newer as a support center for helpful resources that reach beyond only documentation.


From the Board 14 version and onward, the new Board knowledge base will provide a self-serving knowledge base that enables all stakeholders to find answers on-demand and on their own.

The Homepage

The homepage in itself is a renovation of its predecessor, mimicking the new branding and providing more resources to connect readers to the Academy courses and Best practices on the Community.

New Features

Some new and exciting features that the Board knowledge base offers its readers consists of the following:

  • Related articles section
  • Responsive article anchors and table of contents
  • Tags to organize content by category
  • New and updated articles page to find out what is new or what has been edited
  • Direct article feedback: Was this helpful? How can we improve this article?


This is just the beginning of Board’s new knowledge base. In the future, we plan to:

  • create a new Categories section to help readers find all articles about a particular topic
  • include additional help articles to address FAQs
  • and implement a Board terms glossary, condense articles for better readability

Check out the new Board knowledge base now and let us know what you think!

How can you access the Board 12 versions of the manual?

You can access all Board 12 versions of the manual from the same links as before or find them all listed here.