Procedure steps improvements


We would like to request certain improvements to the "Edit procedure" screen, to have a greater level of detail about each step's configuration and the overall view of the screen.

New detail for procedure steps:

The "Detail" column in the edit procedure screen shows information regarding certain configurations made inside the step. Showing, for example, "(use current selection)" in those steps with that option checked.

But there are many different steps and customizations that are not currently being shown in that detail column, but it would be really useful to have an overview of that detail without needing to open each step individually.

The new information to consider for each procedure step is the following:

  • Go to capsule: "Same tab" & "Apply data selection"
  • Show message: No information is displayed other than the message.
  • Interactive selection: "Select one member only"
  • Select entity based on cube: "Keep mode"
  • SQL Data Reader: "Log file" & "On error stop"
  • ASCII Data Reader: "Log file" & "On error stop" & "Delete file after reading"
  • Call procedure: "Run on current database"
  • Server command: "Asynchronous execution"
  • Extract cube: "Tab delimited" & "Floating point"
  • Extract entity: "Tab delimited"
  • Extract tree: "Tab delimited"
  • Export data view to file: No information is displayed
  • Export layout to XML: No information is displayed
  • Export dataset: No information is displayed
  • Backup data model: "Expiration days"
  • Extract all cubes: "Floating point"

Resizable columns:

At the moment, the space taken by the "Action", "Detail" & "Note" columns seems to be distributed proportionally, without giving the developer the ability to resize them.

This already makes it difficult to read all the contents in the "Note" column sometimes, and by adding more information of each step in the "Detail" column, the space in that column would likely be insufficient too.

Given that more space for the "Detail" & "Note" columns is needed, and that the "Action" column has a lot of blank space, this could be improved to let the user adapt the screen to their necessities to see the relevant information at all times.

Thank you for considering the request.

Best regards,

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