Data Entry performed - make the information about pending changes available to developers

Helmut Heimann
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The trigger action on a DataView can call a procedure to process any changed values—but, this will allways process the information row by row, meaning that the trigger action will be performed for each row in the DataView that has been altered, and this can be pretty time-consuming.

You can, of course, use a label or button to process the changes a user has made. But this means that you might have to evaluate which rows were affected by the change, and that will become quite cumbersome if the DataView contains more than one or two cells accepting data entry.

It would be most helpful if the information "pending changes" could be made available to developers to determine the appropriate actions.

Since the system logs those events and even presents a popup window to inform the user about pending changes, it should be possible to make this information available to developers, too.

I would propose a flag saying changes have been performed yes/no. The procedure called by button or label would then first check that flag and perform additional actions only if needed.

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