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Hello there,

Is there a way to limit the drilldown functionality for certain users in particular screens? If so, is it applicable on the Windows Client as well as on the browser?





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    Dear BOARDVille Citizen,


    There are two methods  applicable on the Windows Client that work also on the HTML5 interface. (1) will disable all drill down options whilst (2) will allow for configuration.


    1) Right click on an object in a screen and select 'Disable Drilldown'. This will prevent drill down to be usable on that specific object.

    Right click: 'limit drilldown'


    2) Open the drill down configuration of an object and select the 'limit drilldown entities' option at the bottom then proceed to check the relevant entities. 
    This gives great flexibility in allowing drills only on specific entities, on specific objects. Note this functionality is also allowing to select specifics Drill Throughs in case it's needed.