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Anyone know what Block for Series Color does in a Chart > Options?  Unless I am doing something wrong, it seems to just impact background color.  I am working with a bar chart. 


I am looking for the bars in my bar chart to have different colors based on an algorithm.  Any advice is appreciated. 



  • Hi Jason,


    If I remember correctly, this is the option to color charts for the old Board charts prior to Board 9. The behavior you are seeing is normal, since the option for coloring the New Charts was updated for B9 and above.



  • Hi Jason,


    if you want to have dynamic colours for a bar chart, I suggest to define two blocks that are respectively only displayed if they fulfill a special condition (for instance being positive or negative). That way you can assign e.g. to the positive block a green colour and the negative one red. With the applied if-condition in both blocks only one will be shown at the same time. Make sure you set the combine-mode in both blocks reasonably.


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    Hi Jason Febo,


    exactly as Bettina Clausen is suggesting - 2 blocks with if check on value > or < than 0.
    With just an additional notice: if you set combine mode to stack, it will work both on WinClient and Web - setting it to None will work on WinClient but will cut half column size on the web.


    Just as i have it in front of me right now... a working example...


  • Thanks for the replies.  To confirm, Chart Options > Block of Series Color then is only for old charts then?  Any other uses of this?

  • "Block of Series Color" is originally used in older BOARD versions. Nowadays, it works equally to the alert function within the chart causing different background colours. There are no further uses of this function.

  • Got it, thank you!