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We have only just started using board so this may be a pretty basic question but any help/guidance would be very much appreciated! In order to get an understanding of how Board works we started with an example. In our example we are working with product groups, products (each product has a corresponding group) and revenue. We have imported the names and codes of the products and groups via csv and the data reader. We have got to the point where we have created entities and relationships between our product group and product - which works really well when looking at this in a basic table (via the "dataview"). However, we are stuck trying to figure out where and how we can feed in the revenue for each product?







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    Hi Tim,

    Just create a cube with two dimensions: Time Dimension (Day-Week-Month) and Product.
    Then you could have another data reader that imports this cube.

    I suggest you to have a look at following thread:… 

    It shows you how to get kickstarted with BOARD. On the support website you could for example download some training capsules and databases that show you exactly what you ask for.

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    I agree with Jonathan Baetens regarding getting started.  In addition, to get some data in via manual entry - just to test what it looks like and what you can do:

    • Right click on the DataView and choose Layout
    • Double-click on the name of your cube
    • Check the 'Enable Data Entry' box
    • Click OK twice
    • The cells of the DataView will turn yellow if you are at the right level for manual data entry
    • In my case my data is by Customer, Month and Product, so I have dragged two Selectors onto my screen - one for Month and one for Customer.  I have made one selection on each so I am at the right level for data entry - but you shouldn't need to add any selectors unless you have also added Time to your Revenue cube.


  • Hi Tim Bayer,


    you should also check out the E-Learning .





  • Thanks Phil! Very good to see this in action - we'll definitely try this and see what we can do with it

  • Thanks Sebastian! I'll have a look at those

  • Thank you Jonathan for sharing the support website!