ASCII Datareader file location

We've recently upgraded a client from B9 to B10 and we now have an issue where an #ASCII #datareader that works in B9 no longer works in B10 because it cannot find the file which is in a different network location to BOARD.


The file is saved to the 'finance' network drive, and in the B9 (production) datareader (below) you can see all the files, and it can read the csv file required.image


However in B10 (development) it does not, so the datareader does not work.  I have RDP'ed to the B10 server and can view this location and the files in win explorer so there are no network access issues, it seems to be purely BOARD10 that cannot see the files.




We can implement a work around if required, but the preference is to keep the client's current process unchanged where possible.


This is the only file that is read from another network location, the rest are all extracts and reloads from the board/dataset folder.


Has anyone had this issue, and/or know how to resolve it?



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    Hi Brendan Broughton,

       I'm pretty sure I've been able to read from network shares in the past. Here are a few things to check.

    • The BOARD Service should be running as a domain user, not Local System or Network Service
    • When you RDP onto the B10 server, you should be using the same user as the BOARD service is using to browse to the network share. I see you're trying to browse with the datareader, but I wonder if you can browse with windows explorer. If you cannot browse with windows explorer using the same domain account, it's a principal security permission missing on the share or authentication provider.
    • Domain trust. If the servers are on different domains, you may need to setup domain trust across them.


    I hope you find a solution. This seems like it should just work as you're trying to use it. Good luck.

  • Brendan Broughton
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    Thanks Bob Gill, I have been able to for a long time, and this exact server was reading from network locations for quite a few years now, up until the B10 upgrade. So I'm expecting none of that should be an issue as they shouldn't have done anything to the server other than upgrade BOARD, but as you never know what other people do so I have already put a query in with the client's IT on the off chance they've changed something when upgrading to B10.

  • Daniele Di Lorenzo
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    Hello Brendan Broughton


    I agree with Bob Gill , probably the issue is related to some of such reasons.

    In addition to this, I would just share a workaround, since I have files from a lot of different places, and for some management reasons I always copy all the files in the Board server.


    I set some bat files with a robocopy command. Such files are placed in \\board\job and are launched as first action of the upload procedure, they usually takes a few seconds. See the command example and the picture.

    I'm using this process for many years and it's efficient, reliable and easy to manage.

    Hope it helps


    D:\_Progs\robocopy \\SERVECO\BoardTransfer\B_Italy\AS400 D:\Board\DataSources\AS400 *.txt /B /R:3 /W:1 /LOG:D:\_Batch\Logs\Sources_AS400.txt



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    As Daniele Di Lorenzo and Antonio Speca mentioned, it's probably a missed step on the installation of the software. It's a minor change that can be fixed quickly from the services control panel, if that is indeed the challenge. Good luck.

  • Hello Bob Gill when I set datareader I do not use network references but only local references because all files that I have to read, are saved into the same directory of Board server. In example, Board Server is on a virtual machine called VMBOARD and the path is c:\Board\Dataset. I place all readable files into i.e. C:\Board\Dataset\Repository and all datareader path is C:\Board\Dataset\Repository, All versions upgrade has not affected the capability to read from datareader. I hope this suggestion solve your problem.