Conditional display of columns on a dataview


I have this dataview and I would like to find a nice way to hide/show the 3, 6, 9 month columns without having to go into the layout and select the hide block option.  I started off with a small data entry cube so that I can place a tick to decide which columns I want to show but I can't find a way to have that affect which columns can be seen on the data view.


Any good tips and tricks out there to help me achieve this?



  • Adam Elvin

    Thanks Fabian

    A good solution, although I will point out a problem I had, my first column was Current Month, then I had YTD and I wanted a Fiscal YTD average.  To achieve this I had pulled in the month entity and used an algorithm to derive the right month number, i.e. if July then 1 if August then 2 and so on. Having the month entity (hidden) did cause a problem with un ticking the show all button and the functionality you described did not work.  So I just created a new cube by month to hold the YTD Divisor for each month so that a cube can be used in the YTD average algorithm instead of a combination of cubes and algorithm which then allowed your solution to work.