Improved Navigation: All Learning Resources in One Place


By Anastasia Politiuk posted 02-26-2021 15:34


Hello BoardVille citizens,

As our customer and partner community grows, learning and enablement are becoming increasingly important. We have numerous resources available to you within the community and now most of the education materials are stored in one place, under LEARN section in the navigation menu:

  • E-Learning forum provides an overview of the topics and modules, covered in our dedicated e-Learning platform (which is free to all out customers and partners until the end of 2021). 

  • Tips & Tricks Tuesdays is a dynamic interactive forum, where you can find 25+ video recordings about specific product features, know-hows, and best practices. All materials live in the Library while Discussions allow you to ask questions and connect with the trainers and your peers.

  • Knowledge Base forum offers wikis and How To's for configuring or enriching your solution. 

We are working on more engaging content formats to help you learn how to develop, administer, use, and benefit from your Board platform, so watch this space :) 

Truly yours,
Community Team