Understanding Board Just Got Easier

By Daniel Gore posted 11-30-2022 15:41


A short course about the Board platform, how it works, and how you'll transform your business.

The Leveraging Board for Business Insights course is designed for new, non-technical users of Board--end-users. They'll get acquainted with Board and be empowered to be immediately productive using the Board applications and solutions built for them. This course is perfect if the Board platform is new to them, considering Board for their company, or want to know more about our exciting Intelligent Planning tool. It takes less than an hour to complete the short micro-lessons, which can be started and stopped at any time.

The Leveraging Board for Business Insights course is available to customers and partners on the Board Academy after a simple sign-up. Board employees will find it in Boardway from the Board Education tile.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Leveraging Board for Business Insights?
It’s a course for new non-technical users of Board, i.e., end users to show them how to do basic tasks in Board.

Who would take this course?Any non-technical user who is a customer of Board, like some executive roles, certain marketing, and sales roles, or others who may need to access the information as part of their job. This orientation to Board shows how to do basic tasks in Board, to be productive more quickly.

How is this different from the Foundations of Building in Board?
The Leveraging Board for Business Insights is an overview or an orientation of how Board functions, what information can be found, and how Intelligent Planning begins with Board. The Foundations of Building in Board is the first level of technical instruction for developers and power users to implement and maintain the Board platform.


Is this a long course?
No. The course will take less than an hour to complete, depending on how deeply you explore the lessons.

Do I have to take the course all at once?
No. The course is made up of several micro-lessons which you can start and stop when you want, then return back to when you have time.

Does it cost anything to take the course?
No. The course is free for anyone, but there is a simple sign-up to get access to the course.

Will I be able to run a Board implementation in my company after this course?
No, it is a high-level introduction to the features and functionality of Board, but you will be more productive sooner when your company integrates the platform.

Do I need to know anything about Board or its technology?
No. This course is a perfect way for someone to understand how their business can benefit from Intelligent Planning and reach their goals by modeling and analyzing data.