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i usually find myself in this situation and was hoping this idea might be helpful for everyone


  1. What is your idea?

Create a “maintenance mode” in BOARD. As an environment (or capsule specific) setting, this method should allow the BOARD service to run and still be active, but redirect users to a page which displays a “service currently in maintenance” message. The feature should allow for maintenance window messages and reminders to be setup, and to be displayed for a certain amount of time earlier than the maintenance window itself.


  1. What specific problem are you trying to find a solution to, or what new scenario would this idea respond to?
  • When performing maintenance activities on a system this would allow for other applications/databases not affected by the intervention to still be accessible and active
  • The users wouldn’t be able to access some (or all) applications, while the BOARD Service would still be running and administrators or specific users would be able to perform maintenance activities
  • Would simplify communication and visibility of such maintenance activity to all users
  • Would help communication of planned maintenance activities
  • Would help users in identifying a “scheduled or planned” maintenance of the system (which results in the application or solution not being accessible to the users) from an error or a system crash



  1. What workaround have you found and used so far (if any)?

We currently change the port on which the BOARD Service runs and communicates with the BOARD Client, therefore cutting off and preventing access to all of the users who don’t change such port on the connection parameters of their Laptop (namely all end users). This works, but requires a lot of communications to go out to the users and does not allow us to manage a differentiation between capsules or applications: all of the BOARD system is “down” even if the maintenance is supposed to affect only some capsules



Is it not a great idea?


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