Allow Community members to sort IDEAS based on date added

Brendan Broughton
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It's a simple one, but if enhancements to BOARD are based on ideas and the votes they receive, then allowing users to see the most recent ideas would be a good start.


Currently the only way to sort ideas based on 'date' is 'last activity'.  Activity seems to mean a vote/comment.  This means that activities from a long time ago (ie. when i just looked top of the list was an idea from 2 years ago) appear at the top of the list, and it is then difficult to find 'new' ideas which you haven't yet seen....and once they drop off the top they don't get votes/comments so they will end up probably never being seen except but the most diligent user.


Adding a sort option for 'based on date added/created' would make it much easier to see the most recent ideas, the ones you haven't seen yet, and hopefully make sure that ALL ideas are seen and voted on.

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