(SOLVED) Count contents of a BLOB cube

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Original Idea:

I would like to be able to count the contents of BLOB cubes - I want to know how many records they hold and I want to compare this information. 


To give some context.  I have a blob cube which contains property images. Not all properties have images. For those that do, the image is displayed from the BLOB when the property is selected. I want to know how many properties we do not have image for and I want to do it simply by using the BLOB and not a separate parallel process for each blob.  Counting the contents of a blob cube would also enable users to count documents against entities; say legal docs against a property and the number of docs in a property portfolio - as an example.


Thank you for your time and thank you also for providing a method to make such suggestions.



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  • Unfortunately, I see no comments here "*** See solution in comments below ***". What is the solution?