this is something i would like to suggest for a new release of BOARD.


  1. What is your idea?

Among the existing configurable objects of the Toolbox, I would like to suggest another one which is the TREEVIEW.

With this object hierarchical structures could be displayed graphically and automatically synchronized when a change happens. It should also be possible to display one or multiple KPIs in relation to the elements of the hierarchy that, as much as cockpits, can be drilled or would be reacting to filters/selections


Examples of Treeview objects

 Examples of Treemap objects

  1. What specific problem are you trying to find a solution to, or what new scenario would this idea respond to?
  • Simplify and make hierarchical structures representations more intuitive (Company group structures
  • Graphically represent approval workflows
  • Adapt the object to represent Decisional matrices or Balances Scorecards with Objectives/Actions


  1. What workaround have you found and used so far (if any)?

I currently create such items and objects as labels in panels, but it is highly time consuming and not dynamic.



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