Improve Backup & Restore with timestamp.

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Today when you backup a databse it basically copies the database whithout a Timestamp. In the Cloud (for instant : MyDatabase.hbmp) , it copies it in the Backup folder. Then, you need to rename the folder (eg : MyDatabase_20190701). With large databases if you try to rename the folder it takes hours (or does not work at the end).

If you want to restore a database with a renamed folder (MyDatabase_20190701.hbmp) you need to rename again before restoring it. If you do not do it then it restores with the name MyDatabase_20190701.hbmp and you cannot rename it since you do not have access to the Database folder on the cloud.


Functionality 1 : being able to automatically generate a timestamp when you backup a database

Functionality 2 : being able to restore a database and choose the target, eg MyDatabase.hbmp or MyDatabse_20190701.hbmp) for instance

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