Copy/Paste Multiple Procedure Actions/Groups

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I have often found that I've needed to build procedures with multiple groups that each hold five or six actions each. These actions have the same logic aside for a few small changes, such as five dataflows that use the same calculation but the destination cube is different for each one. It would be great to have the ability to copy and paste multiple actions or groups to make it easier to duplicate these steps in large procedures.


Current Situation

  • I need to copy and paste each action individually, which can take a long time if I need to copy multiple actions.
  • If I have a group of actions that I want to copy, I must create a new group and then copy/paste their actions individually.


Proposed Change

  • Create the ability for users to select multiple actions or groups from a procedure, and then copy/paste them in bulk. 


For example, if I want to clear the same flag cubes at the start of any of my 500 database procedures, I could simply select my desired actions, hit copy, and then paste them into the next procedure all at once.


  • Alternatively, I could select a procedure group and copy/paste it to a new procedure, or duplicate it in the current one.


For example, I could copy the 'Clear Flag Cube' group and paste it into the next procedure.

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