Simplify selections in dashboards


It would enhance the creation and usability of dashboards if it is possible to define areas with different dynamic selections e.g. differnent dynamic selection per container and or single object. Please consider my sketch below and description below.


How does such a dashboard work: The user enters the screen with a selection of current day (e.g. 1/2/2017). Further, he is able to select any other day to see his daily KPIs. E.g. he selects a day of the previous year (e.g. 20/12/2016). Now, he sees all daily KPI for this day, the monthly for dec 2017 and the yearly incl. the charts at the bottom also for 2016.


Such requirements - to handle objects with different time entities, like daily, monthly and yearly figures - are very famous. Nowadays - since it is not possible to defince a selection for neither one object nor a group of objects dynamically - it is necessary to have the whole year as a screen selection. So we see the whole year in the charts corresponding to the selected day. Furthermore, it is necessary to use tons of "refert to" steps in a procedure to select every single block for the calculation of monthly and daily KPIs. This leads to a very awkward and vulnerable procedure which can be hardly maintained. Dashboard select




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