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I would like to suggest that Board provides a configurable/customisable menu, that enables users to select/deselect the buttons that they wish to appear at the top of the screen.  This would help to minimise clicks and avoid unnecessary use of dropdowns. 


The previous version's 'Inline menu' option was only a toggle on/off and did not suit everyone's taste. 


In Board 11 currently, having selected a capsule, the menu (top line) appears as follows:

and the open menu icon displays a dropdown menu of items.


By providing a new button on this dropdown menu - "Configure menu"...

.. the user would then be taken to a new dropdown ...

... from which they select or deselect the options they wish to appear alongside their emoticon on the top line.  It might be necessary to set a maximum selection, to avoid the icons overlapping the centred screen name.


This is similar then to the Microsoft Excel 'Customise Quick Access Toolbar'


Hopefully this can be considered for earliest future releases.


Miguel Angel Sisternas Seaton and Paul Wyatt - Avison Young UK have been discussing this in another article/idea




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