Time Function "End of Period Value"

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There's been a forum post or two about extracting period (week/month/year) end values for inventory similar purposes in the community, and I've just come across the issue again in a current development...and I just had the idea of what not add a time function for this?


Currently if we have data recorded by day (or month) and want to know the closing monthly (or yearly) value it's not straight forward and simple.  As outlined in this forum post here, it will often require a mapping cube or some prior period and day entity algorithms, or as I'm currently doing, using Nexel writeback...which will limit it's use to a Lite+ user


This idea is to consider adding a 'Time Function' for 'Period end value' (or specific 'Month End value', Year end value).  This would make this process much simpler.  It it could be made to also work within a dataflow (ie. NOT be reliant on the Axes of a dataview) it would make it much more useful. Perhaps adding a 'period end' option which could work in a similar way to prior period, and make use of the 'calendar' (if month was added).


If there's already an 'easy' way of allowing this that's different to those mention in link above I'd be very happy to hear it.

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