ROLAP Cubes on Oracle DWH and Timeout issues

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This article is intended for all customers using Oracle Datawarehouse to receive information from Board through ROLAP Cubes.
This is applicable also to other Datawarehouses whenever you are encountering timeout issues.


When connecting to an Oracle DWH, timeout is a very important matter.
Usually, Oracle native ODBC take longer time compared to other DWHs to connect, and this could result on queries going in timeout on a large dwh.

This is the case especially on ROLAP Cubes, where Board sends different Insert / Update queries back to the DWH.

In order to have everything working correctly, you need to ensure that query timeout parameters are setup correctly both on Board Connection and on the ODBC.

Following steps need to be applied:


1) Edit the Query Timeout parameter in the Board Connection parameter settings, and set as new value: -1


2) From the ODBC Administrator window of your server, edit the Oracle Connection and unflag the Enable Query Timeout option

In this way, Oracle is forced to receive and complete the full query, avoiding a shutdown of the connection after the standard inactivity time, which for the ODBC is set to 30 seconds, thus preventing a part of the query from being executed