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We are pleased to share that we will release the Board 2023 Spring Release on January 30, 2023. This release will deliver numerous improvements for all users of Board across a wide variety of business scenarios, including:

  • Citizen End Users will soon be able to easily tweak the format of values displayed in Data views and show or hide columns on the fly to customize the data shown to suit their needs.
  • Makers will have various new options and features to load and manipulate data in a much more streamlined and faster way. The new Smart Import Object will be improved with new mapping options providing a much greater level of flexibility, and the Layout will be capable of handling many more use cases involving Unbalanced Hierarchies.
  • From a design point of view, various formatting options of the Data view and charts will soon be able to be managed from centralized configuration areas, making it easy for Makers to preserve graphical consistency in reports and dashboards across the entire Board Platform.
  • The new "REST API call" Procedure step included in this release will give Board a never-before-seen ability to integrate with third-party systems, in a much more simple and scalable way.
  • Admins and Ops will gain other new security and logging functionalities.

The new features of this release include:

Adaptive Number Scaling

End users in Play mode will be able to decide the format of numeric values displayed in the Data view as well as show or hide columns as needed. These changes can be applied on the fly in Play mode, with the possibility to save them using existing Board's self-service BI features such as My Screen View or Presentations. Read more about the new adaptive number scaling options.

Custom Style Template

Various new properties will be added to the "Row style template" configuration page, the "Block format" configuration page, and the Data view and charts properties panel. All these formatting options are managed from centralized configuration areas and they can be configured in order to be applied automatically, when certain conditions are met. Read more about the custom style template options.

"REST API call" Procedure step

The new "REST API call" Procedure step will allow Makers to create Procedures able to send different types of API requests complete with any additional parameter they may need. The new step can be used to send data from Board to other systems (or other Board Platforms), to receive data to be processed and stored in Board Data models, to activate processes outside Board, and much more.

Introduction to the Board 2023 Spring Release Webinar

We are excited to present the highlights of the Board 2023 Spring release to you in a dedicated launch webinar. The latest update to our platform introduces significant enhancements and new features for every type of user, from Makers to End Users. Join us for this exclusive webinar on February 7, 2023 to learn more about the Board 2023 Spring release and how it will support you and your organization. Learn more about the available session times and topics here: Introduction to the Board 2023 Spring release webinar

Release Notes

You may review the full release notes (work in progress) now on the Board Manual here: Board 2023 Spring Release Notes
(Please excuse the Winter release branding you may still see on some content around this release).

As always, you can expect to see more details around these new features, as well as other helpful resources, available at the time of the release.