Integrated technical documentation functions


1. What is your idea?

The Idea is, to have the possibility to directly document the application within Board. For example:

  • Entity
    • Comment possibility for each Entity
    • technical name
  • Cubes
    • Naming Convention field / technical name
    • possibility to comment (maybe overall and in addition on Cube Version level)
    • Value explanation field (could also be used to show as tooltip in the frontend for the enduser)
  • Procedures
    • Possibility to overall describe the procedure
    • Comments on each step (as it is)
    • more Detail documentation on relevant actions (like have an own comment field directly in the action editor for a dataflow)
  • DataReader
    • technical Name
    • category (e.g. Master or transaction data)
    • Source System (maybe automatically filled)
    • flag temporary DataReader
  • Rules
    • Comment field to explain the rule
    • maybe a comment per row
  • Screens
    • What is the Screen about
    • Selctions
    • Calculations
  • Security
    • Profiles
  • Area to document the system architekture
    • maybe prefilled by use information of datareader including link to e.g. DataReaders
  • automatically generated Change log that can be commented by the developer
  • and so on

In addition it would be helpful to have a predefined “Capsule and application” to “consume” the documentation. Board could add useful information based on the application (e.g. fix selections on entitites, change log for developer for deployyment reasons,…)

Those are just some ideas, I bet there are much more possibilities and ideas in the head of each developer. I am looking forward for comments! Vote it up if you like it.

2. What specific problem are you trying to find a solution to, or what new scenario would this idea respond to?

Easy Documentation of the board application directly within board.

3. What workaround have you found and used so far (if any)?
Use the Comment function of the procedure (e.g. the comment of the first action as documentation for the procedure). Or use naming conventions for Cubes which is helpful for a developer, but sometimes not very easy to use for end user.

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