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My client has a requirement to export their P&L report, balance sheet report and other reports as a PDF. The structure of the report has 3 elements:

  • Report information: Name of the report, name of the company, additional information such as "YTD view" and "Disclosure in TEUR" (position: top left).
  • Logo: Logo of the respective company (position: top right)
  • Report: illustration of the respective report as a table (below).


  • In Board, the P&L report has to be scrolled in order to see all rows.
  • If you select all tree elements as printable area at the same time, you get the correct structure in the PDF, but the report/table is cut off and not completely displayed in the PDF.
  • If report information and logo are set as printable area 1 and the table as printable area 2, the report/table is displayed in full in the PDF (all lines), but the printable areas 1 and 2 are separated by a page break. So report information and logo are on page 1 and the table for the report is on page 2. However, everything should be displayed on one page.

Desired functionality:

  1. For a PDF export, several printable areas should be able to be placed on one page (without page break).
  2. It would make sense to be able to determine when there should be a page break and when there should not be one.
  3. The export format should be storable for each report for all users as a defined PDF report.
  4. The defined PDF report should be exportable/creatable via button (procedure).
  5. It should be possible to send the defined PDF report by email.

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  • Hi Niklas,

    as a quick workaround, would it be possible create a dedicated screen for export where the screen resolution is changed to an upright format, e.g. 2480px width x 3508px height so the P&L doesn't need to be scrolled and the whole screen can be set as a printing area?

    Kind regards


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    @Philipp Schumacher
    Thank you, adjusting the screen resolution has helped in order to set the whole screen as a printing area.

    Are there any updates regarding those points

    1. The export format should be storable for each report for all users as a defined PDF report.
    2. The defined PDF report should be exportable/creatable via button (procedure).
    3. It should be possible to send the defined PDF report by email.


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    Hi Niklas, thank you for sharing your Idea! We appreciate the time and effort you put into crafting your suggestion. 

    Great news, most of the functionalities are already available. 

    1. You can use substitution formulas in the Dataview header as shown in the image below and lean on the headers to input the name of the report/company and more. We have also attached the PDF result for you to see the output. Here is more on the substitution formulas from the manual:

    2. As for the logo, we understand the need of this functionality and will evaluate adding it to our development roadmap.

    3. Once the printable area / screen configuration is done. As an end user, you can go and subscribe to a report in Board and decide the schedule, format and what email text you want to receive. This is for the users within an organisation. If you want to send the email externally, you’d need to have the Broadcast license in addition.

    4. Another option is that as an admin, you can use the ‘Send to’ option where you can set up any report and pick who will receive this email. More details on this can be found here in the manual:

  • Niklas, I have found a way around your cut-off problem.

    • Set up a reporting mask and/or the screen size to fit on the visible screen (my customer screen size is 1920 x 870).
    • When creating the data view, make sure that the borders are slightly away from the mask/screen borders. (The report will still scroll, but that is okay.)
    • To create a PDF choose the Export Printable Reports as PDF
      • There is a "Print Areas" on the left of the setup.
      • Click the "+New". A Click and drag box appears on your report page.
      • Put your cursor at the bottom right of the data view, just slightly outside the boundary and make sure there are no other objects near it to be selected.
      • Drag your cursor to the top left, slightly outside the data view.
      • Once you have selected your report, the data view area will change colors and once you let go of the drag, it should only highlight the data view report.
      • Click Done and now your report should not cut off.

    I have also found that having the mask/screen size to fit the screen, it also removes the double scroll bars.

    I hope this workaround helps!