Announcing 'How-to Guides' to support specific use cases

Holly Rieke
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Board is a powerful Intelligent Planning Platform, with a myriad of use cases that allow you to plan smarter and drive desired outcomes. The Board Community supports members getting the most out of their investment by bringing together a collection of expertise from across the ecosystem to guide you on your journey and deliver faster results.

With the relaunch of Community in February, there’s been a renewed sense of energy, dedication, and collaboration around bringing members top-notch guidance and thought leadership directly from the experts. You may have already explored the newly-launched Best Practices—sharing the optimal ways to use the Board platform in most situations. Or, perhaps you have reviewed Support FAQs for guidance on commonly-asked questions. You’ll definitely want to check out what’s happening in the Platform Forum. We’ve got dedicated members in there answering questions every day!

This month, we’re taking knowledge sharing to the next level with the launch of How-to Guides—found under Resources in the top navigation. How-to Guides are intended to provide detailed instructions with step-by-step guidance. Unlike Best Practices that are widely applicable, these guides cater to support specific use cases. You will find a handful of guides ready for review, and more to come throughout the year.

We invite you to check out the new How-to Guides, and then let us know what you think! Share your feedback in the comments below, or share directly in the comments section of the individual guides.

Remember to follow the How-to Guides category by selecting the bell icon on the main category page to get automatic alerts when a new guide is published. *Hint – change your notification preferences in your member profile by selecting your photo and choosing Account & Privacy Settings.

Do you have a ‘How-to Guide’ that you’d like to share with the Community? We’d like to hear from you! Submit your idea to, and we’ll connect with you directly to bring your idea to life.