Automatic termination of a layout

Aude Monin
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It happens that nightly scheduled procedures are blocked by untimely layouts that run endlessly and block the processes;
Would it be possible to automatically stop layouts that run for more than X minutes or hours?

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  • Leone Scaburri
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    Hello @Aude Monin,

    Board WInter '21 introduced LayoutExecutionMinutesTimeout parameter. By default, when RAM saturation exceeds 85%, Layout executions that have been running for more than 5 minutes are aborted. It can protects the server from being saturated which could result in lack of available RAM and CPU, poor performances and prevents wider impact on other procedures. This parameter can be customized.

  • Hello @Leone
    Thanks for you answer but we didn't reach 85% …..and all night processes have been delayed and run this morning only because we manually killed the blocking layouts

  • Hello,

    To add more context. The maximum memory reached was 45 % on Aude's case and the maximum CPU was 60%.

    Nonetheless the layouts she experienced really slowed the server for 14 hours and not noticing it in the running tasks has put a delay on scheduled procedure.

    It happens that fantom layouts runs a while without being noticed. A reasonable parameter of killing layouts (regardless of RAM/CPU consumption) of more than x hours (2h seems already reasonable but in this case even 6h would have changed a lot ) could have been helpful.

    I still think it's a good idea to implement an automatic timeout on long layouts.

    I whish you a nice day

    Kind regards,

    Yanis BOUAYAD

  • Product Management Team
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    Thank you for sharing your idea, @Aude Monin. We appreciate the time and effort you put into crafting your suggestion.

    In general the parameter mentioned above is customisable but if these consistent layouts in a nightly procedure - then the solution here is to investigate where the problem is with the nightly procedure with the support team on why it is taking so long and put in relevant checks in the procedure.