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Problem Statement: The users don't want to view all the capsules/ folders and instead would like to navigate from a main Landing capsule to all the other Capsules based on Go to Screen navigation procedures.

Issue: The existing Folder security when applied so that the users don't have visibility for other folders, impacts the Go To screen navigation as well. They cannot even navigate to the capsules inside these folders/ view data in these capsules.

Idea: If we can have an additional toggle or check against these folders on how we want to use the security like we only disable the visibility of these folders but the navigation to capsules inside these folders should work. Or we can disable the folders as well as capsules totally and this restricts viewing capsules as well as folders.

Also, the additional request is to reconfigure the Folder Security section, Add folder option is very difficult to use when you have many folders to select from as we have to select folders one by one for a profile that we create.

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  • Hi Nitisch,

    May I suggest your users could save the main landing page as favorite / bookmark.
    So they will skip the Capsule Overview page altogether and there is no need to hide folders via security.

    Kind regards


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