Enable capsule security the same way we now have Folder security


When users enter the Board main page, they would like to see all the capsules that they have access to in one place. These capsule cards can be customized nicely to show some preliminary information using sparkline/footer, they can be color coded, have backgrounds and icons.

However, now, if we want to make sure that only certain users have access to certain capsules, we need to put them in folders and put security on these folders. The folders cannot be color coded, cannot contain graphs or backgrounds and have a default icon. They are quite dull.


When we enter "Folder security", it is only possible to create security profiles using folders. If, however, Capsules were also added to the rules list, and the folder security profiles could be applied to folders AND capsules, this problem would be solved. We could have all the capsules on the landing page, set them up in an appealing way, but also make sure that only certain users have access to certain capsules.

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  • Any updates on this?

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    Hi @Krisztina Zappert, thank you for sharing your idea and for following up! We appreciate the time and effort you put into crafting your suggestion, and we understand the need of this solution.

    This idea has been accepted to be part of our backlog. We will be reviewing the capsule browsers to be more consistent and evaluate the feasibility of adding it to the development roadmap for 2024.
    We are committed to delivering the best possible experience to our customers, and we must prioritize the features and enhancements that will have the most significant impact on your daily use of our software. 

  • Yes good idea - I sometimes wonder if we could go to the Screen level with this also..

    regards James

  • Yes folder security is not enough, it should go at the capsule level at least

    We have strict security rights and we are forced to have 1 capsule = 1 folder so we can have security per capsule but then the navigation between capsule is not very good…

  • Thank you for the good news!

    @James Packham the screen level idea is an interesting one. It would be good to have that here, as well! We currently use workarounds for hiding screens from users who don't have accesses to them.

    @Julien CARDON We have the same setup, and the solution doesn't look as visually appealing, and like you mentioned, navigation also suffers. I am really looking forward to setting capsule securities instead of folder securities :)