Rows & Columns - add all entities

Samir Jones
Samir Jones Active Partner
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Adding possible entities (and its hierarchy) to the Rows & Columns is time consuming.

Here are three suggestions to make it less time consuming.

  1. Give option to set all possible entities as default in the whole environment.
  2. When selecting a Data View in the screen (design mode), give the option to enable all possible entities in the Rows & Columns. This option should be possible with selecting multiple Data Views.
  3. In the Data View Layout Settings, give the option to add all entities in a bulk.

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  • Krisztina Zappert
    Krisztina Zappert Active Partner
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    This is a great idea! I have had a case where it took me multiple hours to set these up for every data view the client's solution had. If we could "add all" with a single click, it would speed things up by a lot!