Tooltip by Column Header

It has been requested several times (as in for example our most latest POC by BASF) to have the possibility to have a tooltip in the header of a block or column.

This is a common practice in people that use excel since it helps understand what is within that column.

Currently this can be done via a label with a tooltip (which does not scroll right with the table), an extra column within the table (which means multiple extra columns to display the tooltip and looks bad since it sometimes is not displayed within the screen display) or with an extra table that scrolls in the same direction (but this has issues with regards to column width scaling).

Since it helps end users to understand what can be done within an application it has a big impact in ease of use. We can put a document within a screen but its not the same as looking at things as you go over an application.

Its a recurring request and is worth consideration as a Gap from Board to Excel or other solutions such as Jedox or Vena.

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