"Run as administrator" option for "Advanced broadcast rule"

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From my point of you it would make sense if there would also be a "Run as administrator" option for the broadcast function "Advanced broadcast rule" so that the developer can explicitly run the broadcast function without (previously removed) security selections.

Right now there is no such option so the broadcast function/ procedure step "Advanced broadcast rule" always resets the security selections before being executed.

Unfortunately, this prevents us from implementing our approach of sending emails to a list of users coming from the entity "user" whose "code" is already their e-mail address if the user executing the procedure by clicking a button has a security selection on himself, since explicitly removing this security selection will be reset.
Then only this one user can be fetched from the entity "user" and an e-mail can be sent only to this specific user.

If the security selections were not reset by a "Run as administrator" option, all/any users could be fetched from the entity "user" and used as recipients for sending e-mails.

Since there is such a "Run as administrator" option in almost all other procedure steps to ignore the security selections, it would make sense in the broadcast function/ procedure step "Advanced broadcast rule" as well.

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