Dataview display "NaN" instead of empty ? Bug ?

Dear all,

Today some of our dataview are displaying "NaN" instead of empty values

Do you know the meaning ? Is-it a bug ? Have you already faced that behavior ?




  • Leone
    Leone Employee
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    Dear Julien,

    in computing, NaN stands for "Not a Number" and is a particular value of a numeric data type which is undefined or unrepresentable. Maybe the result of zero divided by zero.

  • Zachary Turner
    Zachary Turner Employee
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    Hi Julien,

    I agree with Leone. NaN just represents an undefined value like dividing by 0 or dividing by a variable that doesn't exist. I would suggest reviewing your inputs. Perhaps, a necessarily value has been omitted by mistake?

  • thanks for your response, it's clear I will review our procedure!