Highlights from Board Beyond 2023 (& What Comes Next)

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Authored by Mark Gambill. Originally posted here.

Intelligent Planning™ took the stage in London with a distinguished line-up of experts and execs.

On a (surprisingly) fair-weathered spring morning in Kensington, some of the world’s foremost experts in financial planning, retail planning, and supply chain planning convened at Illuminate Science Museum. The topic of this day-long event? Intelligent Planning. It was Board’s first in-person conference since before the global pandemic—and it did not disappoint.

Kicking off with a keynote address, Board CEO Marco Limena highlighted the fact that we live in an era of continuous disruption. Whether it’s a pandemic, a crisis in the banking system, runaway inflation in the monetary supply, or climate-related disasters—organizations are now rethinking how to plan for an uncertain future. Limena stressed that industry leaders are now “thinking in cycles of hours and days… not months and quarters.” And the Board Intelligent Planning Platform™ is helping make this shift in mentality possible.

“The state of continuous disruption is pushing companies into a state of continuous planning.”

– Marco Limena, Board Chief Executive Officer

Contributing with a technical perspective, Board CTO Nelson Petracek continued the narrative—highlighting key areas on how Board is evolving its platform and empowering its customers. He shared the product roadmap and demonstrated several new features and capabilities customers can now deploy as a competitive advantage.

Petracek was also joined by Microsoft’s Jed Griffiths, UK Chief Digital Officer, for a joint discussion on how the Board + Microsoft partnership catalyzes planning breakthroughs by harnessing the latest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented analytics.

Following the keynotes, a myriad of experts took the stage for sessions featuring Board customers, including:

  • Real Customers, True Transformation Stores, with Groupe SEB and HH Global—as well as BARC.
  • Transform FP&A into an Engine for Growth, with KPMG, Ernst & Young, Sella Group, and OTC Industrial Technologies.
  • Fix and Transform with Modern Merchandising, with Charles Tyrwhitt, Pangaia, and Thought Provoking Consulting.
  • Transforming your Business through Integrated Business Planning, featuring Oliver Wight.

Board Beyond hosted leading planning experts from around the world.

For detailed information, including videos of each session on the agenda, visit beyond.board.com/roadshow. This page also hosts information on upcoming Board Beyond events in cities around the world—including locations in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and the United States. Registration is free to attend, but space is limited. Select the Board Beyond location nearest you to see logistical details, featured speakers, and information on registration.

But before you go and register—don’t leave this page just yet! We’re sharing our latest report so that you can benchmark your planning processes (and see how you stack up against the competition). Throughout the Board Beyond conference, numerous experts cited the Global Planning Survey 2023, the recently published report featuring data from 2,454 planning experts from around the world.

This report provides in-depth analysis of a rapidly evolving landscape, identifies key trends to watch, and delivers 4 strategies every organization will need to stay ahead. You can download a free copy of the report at board.com/en/document/global-planning-survey-2023.

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