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Benedetta Salmeri
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The idea is to enhance interaction with charts, enabling navigation of the entity tree. As a front end user, I would like to be able to expand (and also aggregate) on the default dimension set in the graph.

In order to give an idea of the use cases, I am thinking at this kind of competitor's feature:

Thinking at our platform, something similar is already possible on layout with Quick Layout.

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    Thank you for sharing your idea, @Benedetta Salmeri. We understand the need of this solution.

    Great news - we have added quick layout to all the cartesian and pie charts so you can figure out which entities you want to expand or collapse via this menu. This is available currently in the B14 Beta explained in detail in the quick layout enhancements. B14 is releasing in March 2024.

    We encourage you to continue submitting your ideas and suggestions in the future, as we are always open to hearing new perspectives and feedback. 

  • Great news - thanks! Looking forward to test it on Beta version 😊