Warning Message in the Board Application when Max Item number has reached


Hi Team, could we have some sort of a warning message or a notification (in the Board application UI) when any of the entities are at 100% or have crossed the 100% saturation. There have been instances in projects when the entities have crossed beyond 100% like at 120% and the implementation team or the users are unaware of the same and continue working on the application unless they start getting some strange issues. They notice it when going into the entities tab as part of the root cause analysis.

We could maybe consider having a toggle option for each of the entity to show this notification or not - because in some projects we may have Single entities which would have only 1 entity member and the max item number would also be set to 1 - so we may not want to show a notification for such entities.


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  • Félix Carapaica González
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    This is an important feature, reasons being:

    • For corporate caliber implementations it’s fundamental to have control over the environment based on proactive alerts.
    • The system could be operating with a dirty data loading without anyone noticing it, since it is only registered into the log files.
    • In big implementations, this could make end users to open hundreds of issues that must be managed (time and effort) but they could be easily avoided if a warning message were present in the application’s home site.

    As a workaround, we developed a 3rd party ETL solution based on the log files that generates a custom events file that can be loaded into an alert cube, that is used to proactively notify the administrators via email and the end users via the home page. However, it depends on the log file structure that can suffer changes between Board versions (there have been in fact)

    IMHO the ideal solution is:

    • To have a preventive alert (administrators only) that informs that a certain database has entities that are approaching the max item Nr.
    • Once the issue arise, to have a warning message to all users that indicates that there's an problem in the database . If possible, allow the warning message to be customized (ie: “This database could have incomplete data, the administrators have been previously informed and it’s not necessary to report the issue. Apologies … ”).

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    Hi @Vikash Gupta, thank you for sharing your idea! We have accepted this Idea to be part of our backlog and we are evaluating the feasibility of adding it to the development roadmap to release after the B14 release. 
    We are committed to delivering the best possible experience to our customers, and we must prioritize the features and enhancements that will have the most significant impact on your daily use of our software.