Adding Metadata to Cubes


It would be great if we could add meta data to the cube

Name: Same as today

Descr: A description, for example "Actuals", "FTE"….. The description is currently not always same as cube name and I then have to change in all data views - if instead we could pick up the description we would be sure to use the same description across all screens

Comment: A field where the developer can leave an internal comment (this exists in previous ideas)

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  • Gabriele Gallo

    I would suggest we expand this idea by including "custom tags" to the cubes which can be used for sorting, filtering and search.

    similarly to how groups work, it would be great to add "tags" which would greatly enrich ease of model understanding and navigation.

  • Frans Nylin

    I would also like to add the property "Default width", so that any time I use this cube in a screen the column width is defaulted to a specific width, and I dont need to manually change it each time i add it to a new screen

  • Product Management Team
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    Hi @Frans Nylin, thank you for sharing your idea! We appreciate the time and effort you put into crafting your suggestion, and we understand the need of this solution. We have accepted this Idea to be part of our backlog and we are evaluating the feasibility of adding it to the development roadmap. 
    We are committed to delivering the best possible experience to our customers, and we must prioritize the features and enhancements that will have the most significant impact on your daily use of our software.