Level 200 module 209 - click here if you're stuck!

I wanted to leave a trail of bread crumbs for those of you working through this and having the same issue (that all 3 people on my team experienced) in step 1 of the confirmation exercises.

1.) When you define your relationships for Account etc. make sure you save changes (top left corner) or the relationships will not save.

*If this was your problem, you also need to go back and re-run your data readers for both "H- Account" data readers or it still won't work properly when you use the "Sales Expense" selector.

2.) You are probably not seeing "Account" for the header in your data table nor are you seeing the account number in your series… this is because there is a step missing from Board.

You need to go to the configure screen within the Expense Data screen, select data block a, and give it the heading title "Account." In order to get your account number in the series, you need to go to axis settings and select "code and description" under members display.

After making these changes (and re-running your data readers), you should now be able to sort by "Sales Expense" under "Profit and Loss Line" after reloading your data for Italy.


  • Mindy Waltz
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    Thank you, Jeremy! This is a really helpful post and exactly the kind of thing that we hoped would happen in this forum. We appreciate your time and generosity!

  • Ken Walsh
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    Hi @Mindy Waltz - do you know if there are plans to update the instructions within the module Jeremy has referred to above ?



  • Kristin Dimitrova
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    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for asking. We are in the process of updating the course and some of the feedback provided by Jeremy has already been captured.

    Thank you,

    Board Academy

  • Mindy Waltz
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    Hi Ken,

    I just wanted to give you an update. We are republishing the Level 200 course this weekend so that all of the feedback from Jeremy and others has been incorporated, along with some other clean up edits. We are confident that these fixes will benefit all future learners! Thanks for asking!