How to manage cloud tasks from on premise server - Orchestrator

Hello community

i'm going to move to cloud and I know it's now possible execute a board procedure through an API call.

Since I have various tasks to copy files to/from the cloud, to be synchronyzed with Board procedures, I would evaluate possible solutions to manage processes that combines batches to transfer files (with AZ copy) and api calls to run Board procedures.

I heard that an "orchestrator" software is needed for this.

Any information will be helpful


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    Hi Daniele,

    Great question which I'm sure will lead to several answers with different options here on the community. Some ideas below to kick things off.

    Moving files to and from Board cloud:
    AZ Copy is Microsoft's command line utility which allows you to control the Azure File Share (in Board's case the Z drive). Once downloaded and installed, you can fully control the contents of the Z drive directly from a command line prompt. I.e. upload, download, delete or even synchronise a local directory.

    Details of AZ Copy can be found here. By scrolling down to the section titled 'Transfer Data' you will see the various commands that can be used and then click through the links in the table further usable examples.

    Calling Board API's:
    There are lots of different tools out there which are capable of invoking API's to launch Board procedures but one simple option you may wish to explore is using the cURL. cURL is installed on recent versions of Windows by default and is very commonly used so you will find lots of useful, free resources online such as this one to help get you started.

    Once you have your scripts configured for both of the above, you could either execute them from the Windows scheduler or they could be triggered on the back of an upstream process directly from your source system if that is capable of launching a command line prompt.

    Hope this helps.