Option "Disable Unbalanced Hierarchy" should work "per block" and not on all the dataview blocks

Julien CARDON Customer
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We have switch our main entity "P&L" to unbalanced. This entity is used in hundreds of dataview.

Some dataview are pretty basic and unbalanced is working as expected.

However we also have a lot of medium / high complexicity dataview with hidden factors cubes, or tech cubes.

In that case, some business cubes need to have unbalanced hierarchy enabled but some tech cubes should NOT have autamatic aggregation from unbalanced hierarchy enabled.

Unfortunately, option "Disable Unbalanced Hiearchy" is not working per block / cubes but on the whole dataview (You have to disable unbalanced hiearchy on all cubes of the dataview).

The lack of flexibility is problematic. Please improve "disable unbalanced hierarchy"

Support ticket case #00050251

In the screenshot below, block b is set to "disable unbalanced hierarchy" ⇒ however that is not working, block b is still displaying data from the unbalanced hierarchy.



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  • Ivano Savogin

    Good morning @Julien CARDON, thanks for adding this request for enhancement.

    I basically agree with your request and, as I told you in the case I handled, this is unfortunately actually a known limitation on the unbalanced that will be fixed once a major re-factoring of this component will be scheduled.