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Welcome to Board Groups! We’re glad you’re here.

What is a Board Group?

Board Groups provide dynamic opportunities for members with similar interests, shared challenges, and business goals to solve problems, share key learnings, and foster meaningful connections.

Created as an opportunity for valued customers to take the lead in guiding each other, our vision is to empower customers to educate and elevate their knowledge and proficiency with Board. Successful Groups are thriving hubs where like-minded members converge to collaboratively navigate their planning journeys.

Groups are often organized around specific regions or topics of interest. In-person Group meetups maximize the inherent value of Groups, fostering robust connections and networking opportunities. Complementing these physical gatherings, dedicated virtual Groups in Community provide a continued avenue to connect ongoing and serve as a great alternative to in-person events.

Please note that Community Groups can have one of three privacy settings.

  • Public: Any Community visitor can see that the Group exists and can view the Group content regardless of membership.
  • Private: Community members can navigate to the Group and view the Group description but will need to be granted membership in order to view Group content. Membership can be granted by Group Leader invitation or by selecting the 'Join Group' button, with permission granted via the Group Leader.
  • Secret: The Group is only visible by direct link provided by the Group Leader. Members must then be logged into Community to view Group content.

Why should I join a Board Group?

There are many reasons to join a Board Group. Here are a few notable member benefits:

  • Enhance your Board knowledge and skills when you share challenges and solutions.
  • Create a personal network of Board users and experts.
  • Access a reservoir of real-world insights from your peers.
  • Immerse yourself in an exploration of current and future product enhancements.
  • Build connections and camaraderie, all while having fun!

What is the expected time commitment?

Group members: When planning to participate in an in-person Group meetup, consider the location of the event, travel time, and parking requirements. The event itself may include a post-event social hour, in addition to the main meeting. While there is no specific time requirement, we expect a total commitment of approximately 3-4 hours. However, you are free to participate for as much time is convenient to you.

Virtual Group participation can take place any time and is personally up to you to decide your level of commitment. To maximize your Group opportunity and value, we recommend you check into your virtually Group frequently to join conversations and view upcoming events.

Group Leaders:

For complete details, please see the User Group Leader Guide. For general planning purposes, a Group Leader might spend 1-3 hours per week to support the maintenance and vitality of an online Group. Please plan for additional time when planning an in-person meetup, including location planning, arranging food and beverages if desired, and promoting the event.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to being an effective Group Leader, but a commitment to active participation will maximize the value of the Group for all members.

How does Board support the overall Group experience?

The Board Community team is dedicated to supporting Group Leaders and members to have an optimal experience. We are available to consult with questions, concerns, and recommendations. Group Leaders can reach out to the Community team at

Group Leaders are ultimately responsible for in-person meetups—including sourcing locations, supplies, budget requirements, and event promotions. They are also responsible for maintenance and oversight of the dedicated online space.

What's next?

Search for a Group of interest to you, and request to join the Group. If you don't see a Group in your region, but you'd be interested in joining an online Group or attending an in-person meetup, please let us know by reaching out to us at We will share your request with the appropriate people. If you'd like to take a leadership role in establishing a Group in your area, please visit the User Group Leader Application and follow the appropriate steps.