Group Leader Guide

The Community team would like to thank you for your interest and welcome you to the role of Group Leader! This role is an exciting leadership opportunity to bring together Community members around shared interests and geographic locations. Share tips and tricks, best practices, news, and accomplishments—all while providing a real-time opportunity to network with fellow Board professionals.

Being a Group Leader brings a number of rights and responsibilities, but also an opportunity to have fun and to grow the Board Community by providing a valuable knowledge and networking resource.


The Group Leader role requires regular management in the dedicated online Community space, as well as during in-person meetups or virtually-hosted events.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring the group member list and approving/denying group applications.
  • Welcoming new members to the group and guiding them though group membership and functionalities.
  • Cultivating conversations and relationships within the group.
  • Moderating conversations and engagements in the group.
  • Working with the Community team to develop live event opportunities, either virtual or in-person:
    • Brainstorming and development of events.
    • Promotion of events.
    • Collaborating on virtual events.
    • Owning all elements of in-person meetup logistics.
    • Board marketing collateral or branded giveaways management.
    • Post-event communication with attendees.
    • Ongoing efforts to promote and grow the group.

As a Group Leader, you will be expected to serve as a focal point for leadership and assistance within the group. You will work in conjunction with the Community team to maintain a positive atmosphere and ensure that the group remains a valuable resource for solutions and networking for its members.

You are expected to be professional, courteous, helpful, and timely in your communication when called upon.


Promoting your event well in advance of the day is critical for success. Consider a teaser message up to four weeks in advance of in-person meetups. Two weeks prior to your scheduled event, send a reminder with complete event details.

For virtual events (e.g. hosted via Teams or Zoom), two weeks advanced notice is sufficient. Social channels are a great way to bring attention to your virtual event.

Launching a new online Group? Remember to promote your new Group via channels such as the Community blog or via direct outreach to members that you wish to join your Group.

Group Management

Posting content:

To post an announcement in the group, simply click the New Announcement button.

Once you’ve clicked the New Announcement button, enter a title for your post, its body text, and add any images or attachments using the icons above the Save button. Once you are ready for your announcement to go live, click the Save button.

To edit or delete an announcement, click the ellipsis button to the right of the post title and select the appropriate option highlighted below.

To add a new discussion, follow the same steps by clicking the New Discussion button. Editing and deleting the discussion works in the same manner as an announcement.

To add a new event, click the New Event button.

Enter the relevant event details and click the save button. Be sure to enter as many details as you can. Once an event’s end date passes, it will be removed from the events list.

Member management:

To manage members, click the Options button on the group homepage and select Manage Members option.

In this space, you can approve membership requests, promote members to a Leader role, demote them to the Member role, or invite members by clicking on the Options dropdown. If you have any questions about group membership, group roles, or communication with members, please contact the Community team at


To contact the Community team, please email us at or message Holly Rieke or Miran Saric in Community. The Community team is based in Central Standard Time in the United States and will make every effort to respond to you within 24 hours.