Request a New Group

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New Group requests will be considered when an appropriate number of members have been solidified and a Group leader has been identified. For example, a regional Group that is planning to have in-person meetups should have at least 10 customer accounts within a reasonable traveling distance of one hour.

Please note that Community Groups can have one of three privacy settings:

  • Public: Any Community visitor can see that the Group exists and can view the Group content regardless of membership.
  • Private: Community members can navigate to the Group and view the Group description but will need to be granted membership in order to view Group content. Membership can be granted by Group Leader invitation or by selecting the 'Join Group' button, with permission granted via the Group Leader.
  • Secret: The Group is only visible by direct link provided by the Group Leader. Members must then be logged into Community to view Group content.

To submit a request for a new Group, please email with the following information. Please be as detailed as possible.

  1. Name and email address
  2. Preferred spoken language
  3. Preferred Group privacy level
  4. Location or topic of the suggested Group
  5. Reason for requesting specific new Group
  6. Requested timeline for the Group launch (timing is not guaranteed)
  7. High-level, 90-day plan for promoting the new Group (proper promotions help ensure success for new Groups)
  8. Are you interested in leading this group? If so, please fill out the group leader application form.

Upon receipt of complete details, the Community team will evaluate and prioritize the request. Next steps will be communicated as soon as possible.